Welcome To Kennston Boys

KennstonBoyFallTShirtBlueHey guys and gals! Welcome to the Kennston Boys site, this site is dedicated to trans men who have worked on shoots with Kennston Productions but not exclusive. We want to create a community for trans guys and fans/admirers of trans guys. You dont have to have shot for us to be a Kennston Boy! Our merchandise is for all trans men, and what is cool you can wear it to show your trans pride without actually saying you are trans. Only people who know will know!

Right now we will be giving away t-shirts to guys to wear and take photos in so we can post right here on our site and on all our social media. You can be creative in anyway you want, we just ask in return we get some good pics of you in the shirt.

This whole idea came about when one of the biggest transsexual erotica company Grooby, started to create a Grooby Girl brand. It was huge and we being close to Grooby wanted to do that for our trans guys!

FTM Guys!